Supervision & Support

This summary has been developed by Alberta Mentoring Partnership.

It is critical to monitor mentoring relationships as matches that receive ongoing support are the most successful. It usually takes many months to see results in a mentoring relationship. Regular supervision can help identify and resolve potential problems as well as serve as part of your risk management strategy.

Key points on the topic: 

  1. Develop a monitoring protocol for your mentoring program. This will ensure all staff members are providing consistent support and supervision. The protocol should include a communication schedule and mandatory questions to be asked.
  2. Communicate regularly with mentors to offer support, guidance and ideas. Listen for potential problems and be ready to provide and facilitate possible solutions.
  3. Look for trends in questions, concerns and requests. These may indicate areas for improvement with the mentoring program’s design and procedures.
  4. Maintain appropriate documentation for your mentoring program. Written records are invaluable when your program experiences staff turnover.
  5. Establish a process for dealing with complaints and concerns.

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