Online Mentee Training

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership created an online Mentee Training resource as a training tool to help mentees get the most out of mentoring. We are grateful to Alberta Mentoring Partnership for sharing this online resource on this website.

To learn more about how to use the online Mentee Training please download the Mentee Training Handbook or you can visit the training website directly here.

What – is the Online Mentee Training

The online training is a resource designed to introduce the concept of mentoring to children.

5 Modules:

The on-line training for Mentees provides an overview of some of the core concepts of being a Mentee and what it means to be a Mentee. Concepts covered include:

  • What is a Mentor? What is a Mentee?
  • Getting to Know your Mentor
  • Let’s Be Safe and have Good Boundaries
  • My Strengths
  • All About me

An adult mentor avatar guides children through the roles and characteristics of a mentor, examples of mentoring relationships, stages of a relationship, goal setting, match closure, child safety, boundaries, strengths, and a general description of mentoring programs. This tool is suitable for a variety of programs and organizations.

The tool highlights the importance of the mentee and mentor learning about each other. Children can build a story about themselves called ‘All About Me.’ This story includes information on the mentee’s favourite things, goals for the mentoring relationship, and personal strengths.

Online Mentee Training

Helping mentees get the most out of mentoring

Why – the Online Mentee Training

AMP’s online mentee training offers easy-to-use, step-by- step training which improves the quality and outcomes of mentoring relationships by:

  • providing mentees with an overall understanding of the mentoring process
  • helping mentees understand the benefits of mentoring
  • teaching mentees about their role in the mentoring relationship
  • offering safety and boundary training

When – to use the Online Mentee Training

The online mentee training module is a great way to introduce mentees to the mentoring process at the beginning of their match.

It can also be used:

  • as an introductory activity with mentors
  • at a later stage in the mentoring process as a reminder
  • of the mentoring process and the importance of goal setting, boundaries, and recognizing their personal strengths
  • to re-introduce mentee training after breaks (for example, after the summer for school mentoring programs)

Where – to use the Online Mentee Training

Use it anywhere formal or informal mentoring relation- ships are being formed, including:

  • group settings
  • school settings
  • one-on-one settings

Training takes about 45 minutes to complete

Who – is the Online Mentee Training for

Children participating in community and school- based mentoring relationships with youth or adult mentors

  • Parents & guardians who can receive the same information as mentees to answer questions and provide further support
  • Mentoring coordinators, agency staff and/ or teachers responsible for training participants and monitoring the mentoring relationship

Training should be facilitated by someone older (for example, a mentor, parent, or teacher).

An individual who is mentored.

A caring individual who provides a young person with support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive role modelling over time.

General Sign-Up

Go to

  1. click Create a New Account
  2. fill-in all of the required fields – if your organization does not appear in the drop-down list, select Other Authorized Users or contact your organization representative
  3. click the link provided in the confirmation e-mail to complete your registration and access AMP’s training course list – click on Orientation for Mentees