Toolkit on Effective Mentoring for Youth
Facing Barriers to Success

Best practices and resources to build, strengthen, evaluate and sustain effective mentoring programs for youth considered at high-risk of under education, unemployment, homelessness, criminalization, and other negative outcomes.

Key Resources & Webinars

Here are some of the key resources produced by this project.


Summary of overarching best practices.

Summary of key links to useful tools and resources.

Group activity to reflect on and discuss dynamics of power and privilege. Useful for staff training, mentor training, mentee training, and mentor-mentee relationship-building.

Interactive activity to reflect on the particular experiences, strengths, assets, challenges, and needs of an individual or sub-population. Can be done in groups, pairs or with individuals. Useful for assessment and training with staff, mentees, mentors, and mentor-mentee pairs. Can be used for program planning, tailoring, training, and evaluation (i.e., pre- and post-program body mapping).

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership and the Ontario Mentoring Coalition collaborated with the support of Alberta Human Services and the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, to create a toolkit outlining strategies and practices for mentoring children and youth in care.


Webinar 1 – Effective Mentoring for Youth Facing Barriers to Success:
Webinar Recording and Presentation

Webinar 2 – Mentoring Youth Facing Barriers to Success: Effective Recruiting & Training TechniquesWebinar Recording and Presentation


Mentoring Youth Who Are Considered “High-Risk”: Bringing Together Existing Knowledge & ResourcesDownload PDF

Funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services