Toolkit on Effective Mentoring for Youth
Facing Barriers to Success

Best practices and resources to build, strengthen, evaluate and sustain effective mentoring programs for youth considered at high-risk of under education, unemployment, homelessness, criminalization, and other negative outcomes.


Moving a project from ‘just a good idea’ to a project that becomes a ‘great resource’ usually requires the support and work of a large group of people. This toolkit – Effective Mentoring for Youth Facing Barriers to Success – is no different. On behalf of the Ontario Mentoring Coalition (OMC) who supported the concept of the project, we have many people to recognize and thank for their ongoing support throughout.

First, a huge thanks must go to the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services for believing in the importance of a resource and training to guide organizations as they develop and implement mentoring programs for youth facing barriers to success. We’d like to thank the Ministry staff for their support and feedback as the project unfolded.

We also want to thank the Advisory Committee for their invaluable contribution. Recognizing the importance of this work, these individuals came together at key points to guide and provide direction on all aspects of the project – the literature review, the toolkit and the training plan. Members of the Advisory Committee included:

  • Bruce Rivers (Covenant House)
  • Joelle Lewis (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada)
  • Julie Carter (Children’s Aid Society of Sarnia-Lambton)
  • Liz O’Neill (Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area)
  • Sharmaarke Abdullahi (Crime Prevention Ottawa)
  • Sonia Prevost-Derbecker (Indspire)
  • Tammy Martin (Indspire)
  • Beth Malcolm – Co-Chair OMC (Canadian Women’s Foundation)
  • Cathy Denyer – Co-Chair OMC (formerly of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto)

Many thanks also go to Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) for being a mentor in every sense of the word to the Ontario Mentoring Coalition. A special thank you is extended to Liz O’Neill (Co-Chair AMP) for her shared vision and Corey Dodge for his technical skills and expertise.

Finally, we want to thank Melanie Bania, Lead Consultant on the project, and Vanessa Chase, Associate Consultant. They more than exceeded our expectations and delivered a solid resource along with training opportunities for organizations desiring to create mentoring programs now and into the future. Thank you for sharing your talents and expertise with this project and more importantly…making it happen.

A special thank you and recognition is extended to the youth of Ontario for ensuring that their voice was heard.

Beth & Cathy

Funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services