Other Mentoring Resources

Alberta Mentoring Partnership Resources:

The Ontario Mentoring Coalition is grateful for all the support from the Alberta Mentoring Partnership who have developed an entire suite of tools and resources for organizations and educators who wish to develop a mentoring program, and for individuals interested becoming a mentor.

Below are some key resources developed by Alberta Mentoring Partnership:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada Resources:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada has developed a resource, Guide to Effective Practice in Mentoring for Children and Youth Who Are, or Have Been in Receipt of Child Protection Services. This guide is intended to provide you with research, best practices and information to support the development of meaningful, effective mentoring programs for children and youth who are, or have been, in receipt of child protection services.

Canadian Women’s Foundation Resources:

Canadian Women’s Foundation, in collaboration with Alberta Mentoring Partnership, has developed the Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit to provide the tools, resources and support needed to create, implement, deliver and evaluate a quality group mentoring program for girls, ages 9-13, in your community. The Toolkit is intended to be used in a range of communities, and can be adapted to the unique values, needs, strengths and challenges that each community encompasses.

Alberta Health

Information on Youth Addiction and Mental Health is available through MyHealth Alberta. You will find material relating to stress, psychosis awareness, mood and anxiety, getting help and helping others as well as self-care resources. The information is vetted and maintained by Alberta Health.