Mentoring is increasing throughout the not for profit sector and corporate sectors in Ontario, with significant diversity in the types of mentoring organizations in Ontario. Regardless of the type of organization delivering the program, when strong mentoring programs are developed there are clear and demonstrable benefits of mentoring. 

Since mentoring is a tool being used across many sectors, there are opportunities to learn from each other. The Ontario Mentoring Coalition is a vehicle for increased communication and collaboration among organizations focusing on mentoring for children and youth in Ontario. The Coalition aims to create a healthier Ontario by supporting the development and advancement of quality mentoring programs.

Four Strategic Priorities of the Ontario Mentoring Coalition:


Engage organizations that are either currently or are interested in delivering Children and Youth Mentoring programs and services to become a part of the Ontario Mentoring Coalition and participate in the fulfillment of the Coalition’s mandate.

Build Knowledge and Capabilities

Collect knowledge, articulate elements of effective practice, create communities of practice and effectively disseminate information to enable members to efficiently develop and deliver high quality Children and Youth Mentoring programs.

Build the Case

Establish standard metrics and measure the benefits of Children and Youth Mentoring, thereby enabling effective sector advocacy by the Ontario Mentoring Coalition and its members

Raise Awareness

Communicate the value of Children and Youth Mentoring to social service and private sector organizations that are not currently engaged in Children and youth mentoring, and share the benefits of joining or supporting the Ontario Mentoring Coalition.